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Well Done !


We would just like to say a huge Well Done to the following staff; Pat, Ami, Sarah and Irene Wilson on the completion of the "Understanding Children's Behaviour" Training today and on gaining their certificate.  

Christmas Holidays

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Schools' Out will be finishing up for the Christmas Break on Tuesday 22nd of December at 5.00pm.  All children will be in the Scouts Hall on this day.  If your child is normally in the Pavilion please can you come to the Scouts hall to collect them.   MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!



If your child is unable to attend Breakfast Club or Afterschool Care can you please let us know.  The most efficent way to do so is by email or text to the Schools' Out phone number or email address.


If someone else is collecting your child from Afterschool Care then the same process as above should be followed.  The person doing so should supply us with the known password to ensure you child is handed over safely. 



Children have now been put into their new groups.  This will allow staff to work on a one to one basis with the children filling out their portfolios. Children can amend these at any time by putting in new pieces of work or photographs taken of masterpieces they have built!  


This year we have some new members joining our Mascot team.  Children will be given the opportunity to bring there group Mascot home throught the year and we hope you are looking forward to them coming home soon!

Parents are more than welcom to ask to see their childs portfolio at any time so please do not hesitate to ask the group leader.  





As most of you now know the children have been placed into groups. This was to allow us to assign them a key member of staff. Your child will now, with the help of their group leader, have started to compile their own portfolio. This is accessible to all children to add to and review at any time. You are also more than welcome to have a look at your childs portfolio! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask any member of staff or email me directly.



The children have been very busy designing mascots for their groups. The winners will be announced this week and on display in each venue so keep your eyes peeled for the winning designs as voted by the children!

Schools' Out's Got Talent!


This Thursday we will be holding our first ever Schools' Outs Got Talent. Some of the children have signed up to perform, with stand up comedy, dancing and guitar playing on the list to name a few. We look forward to seeing some class acts! Pictures of the day will be on display next week.

Halloween Party


Our Halloween party on Friday was a huge success look out for photos of the spooktacular party at both venues.

We're Moving


As most of you will now know, the Kirk House is for sale. We have taken the decision to move sooner rather than later to ensure as smooth a transition for the P1-3 children as possible! We will now be operating from Netherlee pavilion Monday, Tuedays and Wednesday afternoon P1-P3 children only. On a Thursday and Friday afternoon we will operate from the Scout Hall. All changes will come in to place from Tuesday 30th September after the September weekend. We have discussed the move at lentgh with the children and we are all looking forward to our new adventure. If you have any queries regarding the move please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Breakfast Club - Leaving Times


We have a new policy regarding the breakfast club. We now have set times for our older children leaving the breakfast club to play in the playground before the school bell. If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch! Details of the times can be found below or on the Breakfast Club page.


Primary 7 children are permitted into the playground from


Primary 6 children are permitted into the playground from


Primary 5 children are permitted into the playground from


Primary 4 children are permitted into the playground from



On days of severe weather the children will only be permitted into the playground at 8:50am with a rain jacket. If you do not wish your child to leave at these set times please let us know in writing! 

Payment Slips


Payment slips are now available to download. Slips can now be emailed monthly, hard copies will still be available at each venue. Get them from the FORMS section or click on the link below.

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