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It's March already! In the next few weeks the website will be undergoing an update and lots of photos and information to look out for. Watch this space! 

In the meantime we have the countdown to Easter holidays:

Last day Friday 1st April, open again Tuesday 19th April. 

If you have any enquiries or need to discuss availability please call 07940 417 762 or send an email to admin@schoolsoutchildcare.co.uk



Hi everyone, I hope you are all having a great summer! If you require breakfast club/ after school care please contact me through email admin@schoolsoutchildcare.co.uk or call 07940 417 762

Look forward to seeing you all soon.

Kind Regards




Its that time again!

Registration forms have been emailed out. Please submit online by the 1st of June 2021. If you have not received an email and require a space please contact me asap. If your child is starting Netherlee primary and you would like to register contact Natalie on 07940417762 or email schools.out@hotmail.co.uk.  


Reopening 22/02/2021

Dear Parent, 


With the recent announcement by the First Minister that schools will, reopen on the 22nd February for P1’s, P2’s and P3’s we propose to reopen Schools’ Out! Breakfast Club and Afterschool at the same time.

It is our intention to open for the above group of children as well as other children currently able to attend the school.


We anticipate that the service shall operate from the Scout Hall only for both services for the time being.

Please advise us if your Child will be returning to the service from 22nd February in order that we can finalise our numbers.


We look forward to welcoming the children back.


Kind Regards 

Natalie Scanlan 








We are opening our breakfast club and after school care from tomorrow morning Wednesday 6th January for anyone who requires childcare.

Both services shall be operating exclusively from the Scout Hall. 

Children will be accompanied to school in the morning as usual and collected at 3.00 pm in the school. 

Thank you for your patience and support. 


Kind Regards 

Natalie Scanlan 





Important Information




Happy New year!

Further to the announcement by the first minister today, neither the Scout Hall or Pavilion shall be open tomorrow the 5th of January.

I have been trying to contact both East Renfrewshire council and Netherlee Primary to liaise about opening dates. I have not yet had any response and hope to know more information by tomorrow morning.  

Please advise if you would use our service if Netherlee Primary is open to the key workers or vulnerable children. Thank you. 

Kind Regards 

Natalie Scanlan


Please see our schedule for the upcoming holidays:

P2's to P7's


BREAKFAST CLUB reopens for P2's to P7's on Wednesday 12th August at 7.45am

in Netherlee Pavilion


AFTERSCHOOL reopens for P2's to P3's on Wednesday 12th August from 3.15pm

in Netherlee Scout Hall


AFTERSCHOOL reopens for P4's to P7 on Wednesday 12th August from 3.15pm

in Netherlee Scout Hall.





BREAKFAST CLUB starts for P1's from Thursday 13th August at 7.45am

in Netherlee Pavilion.

AFTERSCHOOL starts for P1's on Thursday 13th August from 3.15pm

in Netherlee Scout Hall.